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Long-Term Care Planning

As we approach old age, it becomes more likely that we may need day-to-day help with certain activities like washing and dressing, or assistance with household tasks, such as cleaning and cooking.

Long-Term Care Planning

The demand for long-term care is expected to rise, due to the rise in life expectancy and the increasing prevalence of debilitating conditions, such as dementia.

Long-term care planning can get quite complicated, particularly when it comes to funding, as the cost depends on several unknowns, including how long we are going to live.

Enjoying life in later years

Long-term care insurance can provide the financial support you need if you need to pay for care assistance for yourself or a loved one. Additionally, some long-term care insurance will cover the cost for those who need help to perform the basic activities of daily life such as getting out of bed, dressing, washing and going to the toilet. You can receive long-term care in your own home or in residential or nursing homes.

When planning for long-term care, one of the most important things to consider is how you will fund it. Regardless of where it is received, paying for care in old age is a growing issue.

As more of us can now look forward to living to a ripe old age, planning for a secure financial future has never been more important. At D G Financial Services, we can assist you to review the appropriate options available and minimise the impact of funding long-term care.

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